Fertilizer Programs

We have three programs to help give your lawn it’s best appearance!

Don’t know which program is best for you – call us and we’re happy to provide a free consultation. 

Premium Program

This seven step program uses top of the line products to provide you the best lawn possible. However,we are still very environmentally friendly. We practice IPM (integrated pest management) and use minimal amounts of pesticides while still giving our clients the results they deserve. 

With this program we take the time and care to spot treat weeds every visit, as opposed to some other companies philosophies of blanket spraying your entire yard.

Hybrid Program

Do you want a really nice lawn but don’t want extra pesticides on your lawn? If you said “Yes”, this is the program for you. The hybrid combines the Premium and Organic lawn care programs. 

The program uses organic based fertilizers in five of the seven steps, but still provides you with crabgrass and grub control. Great results all while being eco-friendly!

Organic Program

This is a six step program using the finest organic products available.  It consists five applications of organic fertilizer throughout the growing season (early spring, late spring, early summer, late summer, and fall) and a fall limestone application. 

We only use OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) certified products.  This program is 100% organic.